About Erectile Dysfunction

Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of men encounter the problem when the penis refuses to work at the most crucial moment. If this thing happens once, anxiety appears. If it happens twice or more, men start to panic. When shock rushes back, they usually do three things: go to a doctor or don`t do anything at all or resort to self-medication. The second and third choices are natural for men. As the problem seems very delicate for them, they want to keep it secret. Some accept the fact and just ignore the problem, but some go to the Internet to find some pills that will help them get rid of the problem. In fact, these ways are wrong because without the right diagnosis and individual treatment supervised by the professional you may not see the results. Moreover, if you can`t cope with this problem for a long time, you will definitely start to suffer from psychological problems that will aggravate the situation and form the vicious circle “fear – inability to have sex”.

The situation when the penis doesn`t work or when it loses its hardness during sexual intercourse is called erectile dysfunction. Though ED is not a disease, it requires effective treatment. You just can`t wait and hope that it will vanish one day. No, without treatment it will last and provoke psychological impotence, when fear of failure blocks all sexual arousal.

Why Erectile Dysfunction Appears?

There are lots of reasons why ED starts to torment men. It should be noted that ED is always the consequence of some other disease – physical and psychological.

Physical factors:
  • Endocrine disorders such as diabetes or hypogonadism (testosterone level drop due to hypophysis or testicles malfunction)
  • Urological diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases that provoke blood flow abnormality in the penis
  • Smoking, surgical interventions, aging
Psychological factors:
  • Neurosis
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

First of all, you should find out the factor that became the reason of ED, but you will not be able to do it without a specialist. As doctors claim, very often male patients with ED need not only medical treatment but also psychological because ED may be caused by fear and anxiety.

Psychological and physical EDs have slightly different symptoms. For example, physical ED develops with time and psychological one is characterized by a sudden manifestation. Moreover, physical ED develops constantly but psychological one appears from time to time.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

ED treatment will be successful if you were diagnosed properly. If you know the reason why ED developed, first of all, you should treat this trigger disease. In order to make a proper diagnosis, doctors can use ultrasound, penile nerves function test, penile biothesiometry, and so on. Apart from the medications used to treat the initial disease, doctors will prescribe you special medications such as:

  • Inhibitors of specific phosphodiesterase type 5: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra
  • Herbal male enhancement solutions
  • Injections for ED treatment
  • Creams
  • Penis pumps

If medical treatment is ineffective, then doctors will propose you surgical operation that is the insertion of special implants in the penis. This method is very successful, so if you don`t want to treat ED because you are afraid that nothing will help you, put your fear aside! There is always some method that will suit you. As a matter of fact, such pills as Cialis or Viagra help almost all men get rid of ED. For example, Cialis is a very effective male enhancement product that works for 36 hours and has minimal side effects. You can read more about Cialis treatment here. Remember that today ED can be successfully treated, so there is nothing wrong in taking pills like Cialis. Thousands of men do it in order to forget about their problems! You can join them!

Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options With Cialis!